Trailer Protocol 2013

PROTOCOL FOR BOATS/ TRAILING       TRAILER P 130415 reasons 1.doc

Was Thursday May 3 2001  Now July 23rd, 2013   

  1. Each “boat” must be allocated ONE person responsible i.e. crew captain [Crew Rep.] for general communication and organization to be responsible for the safety auditing and loading of that boat.  See this link.  He or she  and his co-workers will be personally liable for the boat and equipment. See Rules of club.

************* Reason.

It is easier for me or the Captain to communicate with one person per boat than many in  a crew that may well change. Unless there is responsibility and a chain of command, the result is anarchy. Loss and damage does not get reported and there is no ability to apportion liability.

  1. Crew reps MUST, additionally, be personally responsible to double check all heel restraints and buoyancy compartment hatches and repair these in the days before loading

*************Reason. If you go to a regatta with defective boats you wont row or you will get the club in trouble.


************* Reason. If you need a reason for this you should not be rowing.

  1. Crew reps MUSTorganise their allocated  personnel to attend each loading and unloading. This would normally mean at least half of an eight or four and all of a pair/ double (unless it is a shared boat between two crews or there is an arrangement made with other pairs or crews.)

*************Reason. Funny….but isnt it always the same persons who turn up time after time and do this and isnt it always the others who find an excuse not to? This is so the crew reps ensure equitable apportionment of loading and unloading and, more importantly, that there are adequate persons present safely to load and unload

  1. Crew reps MUST organise all crews to purchase and use adequate binding method (ask NGH where the cling film  is stored and a big 1cm ideally marking felt tip pen to bind up riggers. E.g. 2″ duct  tape, if you can afford it, cling film (see NEIL), or masking tape or elastic bungies.  1″ INSULATION TAPE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

*************Reason. 1” insulation tape  is not big or strong enough and is not easily labelled. It is also expensive. Unless the riggers are properly taped they occupy too much space and get damaged when they get pulled out of a pile or bounced up and down on the trailer. It is perfectly reasonable to use some other form of non-sticky tape e.g. Velcro or, ,plastic clips IF ALL THREE POINTS (gate, and both ends by the saxboard) ARE PROPERLY FIXED.

  • The names of attendees for [loading and] unloading on each occasion should be left by the crew reps, at the latest by the day before loading, with their coach (that is Chris George or Paul Williams) and with me preferably on email or on my work answerphone 0181 874 2013.  It is particularly important to agree within the crew who is doing the unloading and when.

*************Reason. UNLESS YOU tell me who is loading and unloading  I have no means of communication. This requirement forces you to plan in advance – no mean advantage. Unless I know who is there I don’t know that you have actually organized it.  What good is a general who does not know where his troops are due to be deployed?

  1. Like riggers should be securely taped with like – stroke side to stroke side, bow side to bow side.  If riggers from a four are bundled, gates need to face each other, so long and short stays of the rigger are together. This allows for storage in less space.

*************Reason.  Space saving. Saves damage. LABEL THE RIGGERS!!! Reason. Unless they are labelled in six places one on each side of the three fixings of tape it requires great effort to identify the riggers in a pile. Unless they are labelled with the club and boat name if they get lost [as the Captain*  will verify !] no one will return them and the club or you have to pay for a new set.  This has happened several times over the last 5 years all avoidable by suitable labelling. *2001 The Captain himself managed to lose a set and had pay for new ones !

  1. Seats need to be taped and labelled with the boat name using an appropriate thick (ideally 1 cm) marker pen.

On return to the boathouse  boats should be rigged immediately before ANY drinking.

*************Reason. Safety and avoidance of damage. Recently, about 3 years ago (1988!) I insisted on the boats being unloaded. One boat was left on and a van backed into it. This has happened twice in the last 4 years.  Vandals have removed and put into the water a sculler left after Gent this *year (*2001).

9. If this is not practicable  riggers must go into the rigger store  CLEARLY LABELLED ON THE FACE OF THE TAPE on BOTH sides of the bundle.

*************Reason. If the boat name and club are on each side of each of three bits of tape [one on the gate one on short and one on long ends] it can readily be identified in the rigger store whatever the angle or awkward nature of its position in the rigger store this saves time in locating them and reduces damage caused by persons hoiking and shoving riggers about in the store to see what is what.

  1. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MUST RIGGERS OR SEATS END UP ON THE FLOOR OF THE BOATHOUSE.  ************* Reason. Safety and avoidance of damage to persons and property USE THE RIGGER STORE OR IN DESPERATION – the Workshop

*************Reason. Safety and avoidance of damage.

Any found there will be locked up by me ************* I have recently *(2001) confiscated a set of riggers for a sculler left in the boat house.! ************* and the boat rendered unusable until such time as the offenders have performed in mitigation some suitable task of repair to a/ the boat(s). This will be likely to involve at least an hour’s work on paintwork, making good scrapes in the hull, fixing heel restraints and other minor repairs!

*************Reason. We need boats repaired. It seems constructive to get persons to do good for the many for such offences to the rules of the Captain who runs the club for the benefit of all.

  1. Any person/ crew leaving his/her boat, riggers or seats etc., on a trailer overnight  (unless exceptionally consent is granted by the Captain or by me [not others] to unload later than the night of return, as for example was agreed by Iain Pritchard in 2001 after the France training camp) may well forfeit their right to use that club boat pending completion of a similar task in mitigation as described above. If it is damaged you may also be personally liable for the full cost or at least the insurance excess liability. [It is in our interest to have the trailer will be properly emptied AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO AVOID RISK OF VANDAL DAMAGE ETC.  Obviously, if it is late and you have just come back at midnight from x y or z  it can be delayed at The Captain’s or my agreement to the Monday BUT DON’T MAKE WORK OR SOCIAL COMMITMENTS ON THE MONDAY!] 

*************Reason. Selfevident above.

CJD George

Deputy Captain             2001

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