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Red and emboldening are my later amendments

As a result of the increasing numbers of reported accidents on the Tideway
involving rowing boats, in 2004 the Port of London Authority (PLA) employed the
Salvage Association to undertake an independent risk assessment into rowing
practices on the Thames between Putney and the PLA landward limit at
The Salvage Association observed the way in which rowers used the tideway with
particular emphasis on the practice known as “working the slacks”, whereby
rowers cross the river to row on the inside of certain bends rather than the
starboard side. The conclusions of the Salvage Association Report (the Report)
were, in short, that the current system did not work, because the rules were not
clear and because there was imperfect knowledge and application of the rules.
An implementation group, consisting of a cross-section of experienced river users, was formed to review the many recommendations of the Report. It concluded that it was not the rules but imperfect application of them that was the main problem. 
As a result, this Code of Practice did not make many changes from the then current  system. Its aim was to make all the rules clear, so they are easier to understand and  teach . What changes or additions were made, were simply laying down as  regulations what in the past should have been applied as common sense. 

It is appreciated that the majority of rowers wished the system to be improved and welcomed the simplification and regularisation of the rules. Any who do not,
should appreciate that if this Code of Practice does not maintain the improvement in navigation, rowing practice and ancillary matters, for example, the reporting of incidents by rowers, that the PLA expects, it will be not be a case of simply rescinding it. Should this attempt at a compromise fail, the next step will be a blanket implementation of the International Collision Regulations, which is likely to have a negative effect on the experience of rowing for all. It is up to the rowing community, individual, club and regions to take responsibility for following the Rowing Code 

 We have signed up for it – lets do it.

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