Lactate Tolerance from Hell (LT)


Ideally do this on a RP3 or C2 on rollers or a boat.  Best till you are used to it to do it on land.  Firstly, set up your ergometer properly. This link shows you how for a C2  Just put in different data i.e. 1:30 and 0:30 secs work rest, 8 intervals for the first set of eight, then take 5 mins to note the results down or better still put them on a memory card if the monitor has one. For those with a PM5 monitor and the iphone app it all does it for you.

Then repeat 8 intervals for the second set.

With the data for each of the 500s (1.5 mins), I will be able to see how your are responding to the programme over the full set of intervals. (Just giving a figure for the total work out split times or meters averaged  does not let me know what I need to to adapt the programme or to understand the response of the individual.)

This work out will vary as we work through the time left from “hard” to “fucking hard”. Those that have heath issues only to do this within the heart rate parameters their doctor or their common sense tells them is apposite. For those that do not have health issues this is a seriously hard, hurting session. Before you do it LOOK AT THE FULL LENGTH OF THE VIDEO OF TYRIAN. on June 18th 2013. That is how hard you need go! Note their rates. You will not be able to get those rates on the C2 unless you are on a dynamic but make sure that the drag factor is low, at 100 or so, to help you get the rates. This is not about technique or even about power per stroke – it is about GETTING USED TO HIGH RATES when not in the boat so that when you do get in the boat and are asked to go up to 40 for the last few minutes of the Head (of the Charles) you are a) able to and b) effective,  

OK back to the session..

ONE set of 8 x 1.5 mins [with 30 seconds “rest”] The rates are as follows: (but I do not expect you to achieve this on the C2 and you are likely to be a few pips under) 44, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 45 strokes per minute. Follow this with 5 mins 30 seconds rest in which you should wind down for 30 seconds, get off the ergo and walk round the gym or room for 4.5 mins then get back on [spend some time writing down the score of the first set if the C2 will not remember it] . 

Then do the NEXT set of 8 x 1.5 mins with 30 secs rest. Rates 45, 36, 37. 38, 39. 40. 41 46

You will feel like puking, You will be breathing really hard, Your legs will be like jelly (Jello?) You will not believe you can do it but you can. If you can do this with another person – great. If you can link machines – even better.

For those that feel this is too hard for them to start off with you have three choices  a) do 1 min on 1 min rest (or a variation of same eg 1″10 on 1:15 on 45 secs off etc) b) do the full amount at slightly less intensity keeping the rate as high as feasible  c) just man up! 

Ideally, these are done on an RP3 or dynamic or in a boat (and, yes, we do get these rates in a boat) but I understand that it is likely to be done on the C2 with low drag factor.       P.S.   When I did this with Mike Spracklen as my coach in his first medal winning crew (OK Sean I know you beat it!), we did 1.30 on 15 secs off with a hold it up and standing start each time!  Once Mike was in the crew himself when a certain person chose to have coffee with his friends as the session was stupid.