From B to C (why a mid 70 year old git went Brexit to Conservative)

The purpose of this Website is to explain why a man who destroyed his vote rather than vote for Cameron or for that matter Blair or Brown is now delivering leaflets for the Conservative Party that he steadfastly refused to join for the last 20 odd years having supported and voted for Brexit since the 2016 Referendum. I have literally hundreds of young friends (mostly rowers) who have very strongly held opposite views and I now seek to explain my reasoning.

1) The structure of the EU is not fit for the purpose.  The EU we know it today was designed in March 1957 (an offshoot of the ECSC – 6 members) and on 1st Jan 1973 was enlarged to 9 members at that time. It was called the EEC. We, the UK voters, had no choice. Parliament, under Heath, forced the vote …just.  We got a referendum as to whether to stay in or not a couple of years later.  I voted to stay in. However, the EU thrust on us in the Maastricht Treaty in Feb. 1992 came into force in 1993. It was, and is, an undemocratic disaster for which Mr Major should be ashamed. Gone was the EEC for which I voted and in came the EU with all its corporate opacity and profligate corruption. The accounts have not been signed off as “free from material error” between 1994 and 2015!  It is only since 2016 that the accounts  properly have been approved by auditors!  The EU it is not fit for today’s purpose. When it was set up it achieved an enormous amount of what needed to be done – but we are now in a different era. The vested interests of those in the EU say, “Why would one change it? Big salaries, generous expenses, which are rarely checked, pensions that one can only dream of! Why change the status quo?“

2)There are too many varied economic interests: What is important in Spain is not naturally important in Scotland. OK, you might say: we have to make compromises and, indeed, we do, but for 28 states to come to common agreement, it takes an enormous amount of time and, regardless of all the compromises that may be made, there is genuine friction – you only have to talk to the fishermen in Aberdeen. They would ‘string-up‘ Heath tomorrow were it not too lake to get hold of him.

3) The economic structures of various EU countries and how they operate have varied needs from Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. There is such a diversity that to pull these economic structures together in virtually impossible.…UNLESS …it is by a total integration. That would be the only way!

This need is clearly understood in Germany, France and the Netherlands. Regardless of what is being stated in public, there is an active (secret) department in Brussel for a totally integrated United Europe. In my opinion they are right in thinking this way because it is the ONLY way that a common currency, i.e. the €uro, can operate successfully. It is obvious from the Madrid declaration that this is the long term aim.

4) For the Economic model to successfully operate, they must have a central policy unit. In effect, they have this already under the control of Frankfurt in Germany. They are the biggest contributors in the EU structure: the Piper calls the Tune!

Now lets get to the fundamentals:

a) If we or anybody else does not “like“ what is being decided by the central body in Brussels or Frankfurt, should we not have the opportunity to remove them in some Democratic process?

Whatever way you look at it, the central Brussels organisation sends out the directives and there is no way anybody can vote them out. It is not a democratic process as we know it. 

b) With the inherent built-in “out-of-date” structure that benefits a small non-accountable central body, are they going to fundamentally “reform“ this? Pigs will fly first.   Small concessions may be made on the fringes, but fundamental “Reform“ is most unlikely. Peruse the history here; those that have been brave enough to try and be a “whistle blower “ have been hounded out and some put in police custody. These instances are well documented and in the public domain, e.g. et al.

c) If we leave the EU membership there will certainly be a ‘downturn‘ but it will not be overnight (remember all the promises about what would happen if we ever so  much as voted leave?) and we will have a breathing space of just under a year to re-structure our economy to participate more easily on a global basis (which is growing bigger and at a faster rate than the EU) for the UK’s interests. One can argue that this is a “selfish” policy but the EU structure is also one of self-interest and, quite often, not in British interest – and not so at least once a year when we have to pay a large bill!

d) From both the IN and LEAVE side, ridiculous statements were made in 2016 and are  now being made about an economic Armageddon.  It reduces the economic argument from all parties to the level of propaganda and actually it is not the economic argument that trumps but the political one.

e) There is a large body of opinion within the Brussels organisation that a fundamental mistake was made with Mr Cameron. Both he and they did not take seriously the possibility that the Brexit movement could be so big and even win the Referendum argument. Mr Cameron may claim that he got all sorts of concessions out of Brussels but, frankly, he was being economic with the truth and the British public saw through it! 

f) There is a non-democratic structure in Brussels that is unlikely to see any  modernising. The aim is to have a totally integrated Europe and Britain clearly does not want to be part of this, so do we want to be part of a ‘club‘ whose main focus is for integration whilst we sit on the sidelines thinking that we can influence the EU bent on a policy of greater integration which they must bring in, and to continue with a single monetary system? I think not.

g) How can the UK continue to use the £ and truly integrate with Europe? If we join the Euro, we lose any pretence of being an independent nation. If we don’t, we are not part of Europe’s true aim the United States of Europe.

For the very simple reason, I do not want to be part of the EU with no voting power directly to elect my European Government representative every 5 years – a “Government” that still has not audited accounts for decades, I have joined the the Conservative party – a party I destroyed my vote for rather than vote for it (or any of the others) prior to 2017 and, despite all the deficiencies of both main leaders, have delivered leaflets  (and holding my nose) will vote Conservative.