Equipment Hire

Radio and megaphones

TRRC has a stock of radio and megaphones and other equipment that is available for hire by Regattas and Heads. All the equipment is regularly serviced and kept in good order and is complete with fully charged batteries or dry cells apart from the base stations that require connection to a 12 volt DC supply such as a car battery.
Please note that only one base station should be used at a time, the licensing authority is not too keen on several base stations being used at one event. The range for the hand held units is in excess of 2 km and one charge is often adequate for a full days racing.

Umpires and Starter Flags

There are seven sets of Umpires flags available, one red, one white, a Start aligner’s (red St Patrick’s cross on a white background) and a finish Judge’s (black and yellow chequered) flag in each set. Hire Charge is £0.50 per flag each and the charge for damage or loss is £9.00 per flag.

What else is needed?

TRRC is ready to invest in additional equipment provided there is a regular requirement. Stop watches have been suggested so if you feel they would be of use to you or if you can think of anything else that would be useful for your event please let Richard West know and he can look into the feasibility of stocking them.

For more information about the equipment, please contact
Richard West,
25 Silver Birch Close,
Surrey KT15 3QW
Tel 01932 346307, fax/ answer phone 01932 343326
or e-mail equipment[at] – a letter or phone call is his preferred method of communication.

If you wish to order any equipment please fill out an order form – (word doc), print it out and send together with a cheque made payable to Thames Regional Rowing Council (order as early as possible before your event to avoid disappointment)

Equipment available for hire



Daily Rate


Base Stations including antenna and Microphone

£14.00 per day


Hand held units comprising antenna, spare battery and battery charger

£9.00 per day


Loud Hailers (including batteries)

£3.00 per day


Hand bells

£1.00 per day

7 sets

Umpire flags

£0.50 per flag per day

Payment terms for the hire of equipment

Terms for the hire of equipment are 7 (seven) days from the date of the invoice
(Cheques to be made payable to Thames Regional Rowing Council).

NOTE. Lost or damaged equipment will be charged at the following rates:

– Base Station at £300.00 per unit

– Hand held units at £200.00 per unit

– Loud Hailers at £100.00 per unit

– Hand Bells at £40.00 per unit

– Umpire flags at £9.00 per flag