Coach Accreditation RowPefects

Prerequisite condition checks
1 Are you, as coach, fully up-to-date with your L2 navigation? and are you a fully paid up member of TRC?
If so proceed…  If not, you should not be coaching any TRC boat!

2 Either make a list of all the emails of your athletes and send it to Chris to issue an invitation or, better still, send them all |[this link]  to invite them to read it and to send Chris (copy to you) the requisite email.

3 For squads of novices and candidate members, make sure that they have all signed a  health  statement (i.e. that on the TRC entry form).

4 Now you have to get each one of your athletes to read (and then to confirm having read) the Level 1 requirements and get them to send me [Chris George] the requisite worded email. Tell them not to try to send any other wording – it won’t do!

Either you are experience with RPs and have done work with them or not.
If you are experienced this will not take much time to cover but you do need to go through the points as some of them are not Rowperfect-based but are organisational, TRC requirements.

Some Do’s and Don’ts
1 Do check that all your users are on the published list of accredited users or that you personally have had an email from me to this effect.
2 Do not ALLOW THEM TO USE THIS AS A C2 ERG WITH FLAT HAND ACTION – THEY MUST ROW IT with down action at finish as if they were sculling square blade and with up action at catch also with square blade!
3 Do make sure that all have read the “Instructions for use”. They first sign in the book before they start rowing and must have done all the checks FIRST
4 Do check yourself that they have viewed the rail before use and that it is clean and, if not, make them clean it before use and record in the book that the previous person did not leave it clean.
5 Do remember that as with the C2s the handle of the chain is not kept in the hooks but at the front unless temporarily stopping during a session
6 Do check this last thing before you leave.
7 It should not need adjusting, but do check and ensure the front leg is raised to the right height
8 Do make sure that the feet are low enough. C2 users have a tendency to have them too high. The correct position is with the heels well below the bottom of the wood.
9 Do look at the seat when your athlete is rowing. It should be still. If it is moving, do check that the athlete is not leaning back too far and is rotating/rocking from the hip. Often it means that they are finishing too high on the chest and hitting it


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