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How to combine a holiday with a training camp? That is the question!  On the one hand there is the demands of ensuring value for money and doing as much of the “tourist” viewing as is reasonable and on the other the requirement not to eat and drink too much and keep taking the exercise.

18 hours traveling with stop over in Sao Paulo from London to Santigo persuaded Susanna that she was never going to travel economy to Australia so that rather limits the chances of us both going there in 2016!

First things first.  Get to Heathrow 4 hours before your flight and an hour before first check in purely to ensure lack of flack from SWMBO which gave me time to catch up with an email I need to write to a friend in Aussie who wanted to coach some Vet C female athletes to the Masters Champs in April.  2.5 hours of hard cerebral effort and I had three levels of programme lined up to cater for 4 to 5 sessions a week up to 10 – light, medium and hard for the athletes concerned.

At last we were able to board our 20.00 hours flight to Sao Paulo and with surprise being exhibited by the check in lady that we only had two cases and both very under the 23kg weight. Thoughts of bringing a case of wine back occurred to me but is likely to be scotched on the basis of ability to carry it but time will tell.

Arrived at Santiago to be met by the delightful Arthuro (sp?) and driver our Pro Tours meeting guide who took us to our hotel which was small but civilized and very convenient for the city.  We arrived at about 11,00 hours and tried to check into the Hotel …… only to be told that we had to come back at 1500 hours but, very graciously, the would be prepared to store our cases. We were not offered the facilities of the common room / sitting room or a coffee but effectively advised to see the city by means of provision of a map and a metaphorical kick in the a***.  On later checking we noted that the official check in time was an hour earlier at 1400.  Sigh….

Went for walkies in the relatively hot sun and took pictures of the street art before returning to relax.  Our room appeared to have the great advantage of being in the basement and hence cool but there were two disadvantages – it was tiny and bordered on two roads – one of which was practically in continuous use.  The Cylla and Charybdean choice was close the windows to get the noise level down and then have to have the air condition unit noise or be hot at night. We alternated with the air con on and off!


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