Boat House Mess (Trailer Protocol!)

The boat house is in a mess.  Riggers have been chucked down on the floor of the boat house in the isles used in our fire escape plan as exit routes in case of fire. They are definitely a trip hazard as I have already found out to my cost.

The main culprits are the men after Henley but the basic problem is a culture in the club of not respecting our equipment.

The eights were not put together (there was an instruction not to rig them but they should have been racked on their right racks and bolted together.  The bolts have been messed up between bottles in boats so for example Alan Hawes’ bottle has 4 extra outside rigger bolts which are recessed and is missing for hex bolts.

This is not how to treat £40,000 boats.  None of the riggers was properly wrapped and labelled in accordance with the rigger protocol. In short it was unprofessional and very amateur.

This a few photos of the mess.

Riggers on floor bay 2












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