STRENGTH ENDURANCE 30 min Rate Capped 20 spm (AT)

30 min Rate Capped 20spm Anaerobic Threshold( AT)

Description: This is another key session. You should do one every fortnight. It is to build strength (with) endurance. The key thing is to pace it over the full 30 mins and to work as hard as you can every stroke. Rate 20 is a rate CAP. For those that are not as fit as they should be you can reduce the rate as low as you like PROVIDED THAT EACH STROKE IS AT MAXIMUM POWER. I would far, far rather see you going over at rate 16 with HUGE power curves confidently over the full 30 minutes than starting off at 20 and fading out or worse still rising above 20! 16 is an exaggeration but 18 would be what I would expect a reasonably fit (rather than super-fit)  guy to just about to be able  manage till he gets used to the programme.

Make every effort you can to do this on rollers if on a C2 or better still buy a second hand RowPerfect and use that or, if you can’t do that, hire one from me. I cannot overemphasise just how much better a rower you will be if you use a dynamic machine, such as this, to simulate rowing rather than bash away on a fixed head where your body does the moving rather than the “boat”. I also get much better data from the RP3 machines as every single stroke is stored each with 25 variables. Just to add complexity it would be good to link in any heart rates you have and send me the heart rate data saved. This can be done on Garmin connect or Strava or the like but also on with the PM5 monitor and the Beta app on the iphone. Most vets have not a clue about IT but it is the way forward.