TEST 20 min Base Fitness Test


Flat out 20 mins test on erg – No rate cap. Catered for assessment of rowing ability for older persons but just as good for young. Too many tests are done on a high Drag.

Now listen up here and trust me… I am about to ask you to do something that will annoy but is critically important for reasons I can later give but do not have the time or energy to explain now. Set the Drag factor really low – 100 to 110 max. This is totally counter-intuitive and will give you the feeling that you cannot grip the water and are rowing in the air but it will give you speed and dynamic power once you are in the boat and tends to force you to be more skilled in your phasing and less reliant on strength. It will increase the rate which is what we need and will reduce risk of injury. Aim to negative split.

Set it to give readings (split times) for every 2 mins if on a concept 2. If you have the PM5 monitor you can use an App from rowe.rs via your Iphone (to be sent on request) to record and send data to me  but, absent that, send me a CSV sheet of  split times every 2 mins by sending data electronically via email. (or enter in the section for putting in results).

I have chosen 20 mins as there are lots of comparable data.

This test is a datum. On the basis of this result depends your INDIVIDUAL training intensity for the following 6 weeks in any part of the season, so it is important you do it right and that it is representative. Chose a realistic target split time based on your perception of your current level of fitness or, better still, on the basis of your 500 time which you can do for just one interval. Chose a split time 10 seconds slower than your flat out 500 split.

Pacing;  For the first 5 mins aim to be 2 seconds a 500 slower (easier) than your target. For the next 6 to 10 minutes move up to your target pace. For minutes 11 to 15 be one second under your target paces. At 15 – 16 mins go to two seconds under and for each minute after that to 19 mins knock off a second ever minute to 19 mins . At 19 mins, go balls and all for whatever you can get.  For comparitors to be equal, all tests will, on this occasion, be done on a fixed head C2 machine but, hopefully, you can move onto rollers or a dynamic or an RP3 to train on.

For those interested I can arrange a rental of an RP3 or a classic.  Easier, but not better, simply to purchase some  or make some rollers.